Ally McBeal is the protagonist of FOX series Ally McBeal. She is portrayed by Calista Flockhart.


Ally is a major romantic who refuses to believe that love can't triumph all. She often finds herself working on cases where love, men vs women and social justice are key issues. She is easily distracted by cases where there are romantic notions and can find a way to relate them back to her personal life.

Series arcEdit

Season 1

We are introduced to Ally as a woman who once had a great love with a boy she has known all her life. She follows him to law school only to have him break up with her. Cut to Ally leaving her current job over an ongoing sexual harassment case she has against a co-worker. She then runs into Richard Fish, a friend from law school, who she didn't like so much who offers her a job. Ally takes the job only to find out that Billy, her past love, works there as well and that he is married. Ally spends much of the season going on dates with different men trying to forget and get over what she once had with Billy.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

At season 3. finally Ally meet Brian. But in this season she breaks up with him, because she thinks he is so boring and she does not want to spend her entire life with him. After a girls' party at her home, she gets an idea to be more "active" with guys. With this idea in mind, she is put in between a relationship of a father and son, because she dates them both. She figures it out when her older boyfriend invites her to a dinner with his children.

Season 5